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Boogaloo  Broadcast & Media Specialists

Boogaloo Broadcast & Media Specialises in professional video production from concept to completion. From half day mini shoots to multi camera, filming, recording and live mix production, Boogaloo can capture and project your event on the big screen to enhance your audience participation and bring your programme to life.

Our mission is to help give our clients a bespoke service that best suits their needs and allows them to achieve greater publicity.

Some of our services include: ~ Live Event Filming ~ Corporate Video ~ Television Commercials ~ Web Videos ~ Conferences ~ Weddings ~ Music Videos ~ Editing & Post Production Services ~ Motion Graphics


Address & Telephone

Contact: Bob Harwood

Ringdale Cottage

6 North Brook End,

Steeple Morden


Telephone: 01763 853428

Mobile: 07841 958346

Web:  www.boogalootv.co.uk

Email: bob@boogalootv.co.uk

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