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Lovers of Blue & White

Lovers of Blue & White is a specialist mail-order and internet business founded in 1995 by Andrew and Olwyn Pye, who realized that there were new ways to offer blue and white china to collectors all over the World. Initially concentrating on early 19th Century blue printed transferware (hence our name and it is still a speciality), the business soon branched out into other colours, quickly followed by 20th Century collectable china and out of production tableware. Finally, new china was added to the range and today we offer new Burleigh, Spode and Portmeirion, alongside an outstanding selection of 19th and 20th Century British china. As Burleigh's largest retailer in the World we carry large stocks and offer their entire current range and many discontinued patterns and items.
Our team of buyers can source any British maker or pattern made from 1780 to the present day, including all the major names such as Spode, Wedgwood, Doulton, Masons and Woods plus smaller specialist makers. We offer friendly, expert advice and help to customers, drawing on our extensive library and archive of information about makers and patterns, including over 50,000 photographs and original trade catalogues. Our approach is very much "if you do not see what you want" please ask and we will do our best to find it.
Our website carries our entire inventory at any moment and is updated every day as fresh stock is added and sales removed.
We welcome visitors to our showroom. There is almost always somebody here, so we do not have formal hours of business and can usually accommodate you whenever you wish to call. However, we do suggest a quick telephone call or email before setting off to make sure we will be here when you arrive, so you do not have a wasted journey. Our full geographic address is Lovers of Blue & White, The Barnyard, Station Road, Steeple Morden, Royston, Herts., SG8 0RN. Our post code SG8 0RN is unique to us and entered into a sat-nav you should be delivered to our door.


Address & Telephone

The Barnyard, Station Road

Steeple Morden, Royston


Telephone: 01763 853800

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