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Morden Consultancy Services Limited

Morden Consultancy Services Limited is a specialist IT project management and ecommerce consultancy operating throughout London and the Home Counties. With over 20 years experience of successfully delivering value added project management and ecommerce consultancy assignments across a wide range of industry sectors, we are passionate about maximising your organisations return on it's IT investment. Having worked on some of the largest and most complex business projects for some of the most respected companies in the UK, we know what it takes to be successful in today's dynamic, demanding and uncertain business landscape. With a focus on "doing" rather than simply advising, we can help your business achieve competitive advantage by delivering the right project, at the right time, at the right cost. We provide a flexible combination of services including programme & project management, project feasibility & health-check, project office development, technology selection and consulting, business consulting, mentoring & coaching and internet/ecommerce strategy & implementation.


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15 Hay Street

Steeple Morden


Telephone: 01763 853793

Mobile: 07711 200197

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